Get Rewards for ELKBiotechnology
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Get Rewards for ELK Biotechnology

Researchers citing ELK Biotechnology products in their published articles can apply for rewards.


The reward are grading according to Impact Factors(IF)as below:

 2≤(IF)<5 50USD
5≤(IF)<10 100USD
10≤(IF)<15 200USD
(IF)≥15 300USD



1.The literature involved in the award application has been published online or in journals

2.Participation time: published from January 2023.



The applicant is the first author or the first corresponding author  Provide the full text of the literature (PDF full text or Pubmed ID);

One reward for each publication

Completely fill out the award application form and send it to   

The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to ELK Biotechnology.





  Application form

  Click to download "Reward Application Form"