Team Building Review | Lobster Feast on the Tongue, Burning Summer

They say summer is not summer without crayfish,

After a spring season,

Crayfish are back!

The BOSS who always be full of love in order to reward the kind partners,


The annual company team building activities "Lobster Banquet,"

Arrange it immediately!


Shrimp, the hottest summer ritual. On May 11th, ELK (Wuhan) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held the Lobster Festival in Optical Valley Precision Medical Industry Base.


​​On the day of the event, fresh crayfish were selected, and boxes of them were ready to go. Canteen staff division of labor collocation, carefully wash the crayfish, cut open shrimp shells good tasty. Before 3: 00, 350 pounds of crayfish were all cleaned, and then the chef's SHOW TIME ......


At 5: 00 in the afternoon, we dine together at the restaurant, filled with laughter and lively conversation. With a plate of appetizers served, the event officially kicked off the event.


Today's much-anticipated Lobster Tasting, Braised Prawns, Garlic Lobster and Spicy Shrimp Balls. Lobster, seemingly rough appearance, peeling is the ultimate enjoyment of delicious food, eat a piece of smooth lobster meat, coupled with beer and coke, the strong fragrance straight to the taste buds. Each taste has a different flavor.

The activity site, the small partners fully and delightfully taste the delicious lobster, share laughter and stories, the audience immersed in a pleasant atmosphere.Set the feast of food, gather the heart of the team, this is the original intention of the activity.


After the end of the meal, you can also pack a snack for each person to go home and eat, the real realization of crayfish freedom, hot summer, no trouble is a crayfish can not solve, if there is, then two meals.​

The reunion lobster lying is enough, in the chat to enhance the friendship between employees, in the drink to release themselves, eat shrimp, feel the enthusiasm and preference, packaging is happy, feel the passion and unrestrained, but also from the company to employees full of love and warmth.

This crayfish banquet allows employees to relax and enjoy life after work. This is not just a dinner party, but also a yearning for food and pursuit of life. I hope we can bring this love and pursuit into every day of work, work hard, love life, and cherish the present.