EnTurbo™ SYBR Color qPCR SuperMix (Low ROX Premixed)
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20μL×500 rxn $125.00
20μL×2500 rxn $490.00


Product name: EnTurbo™ SYBR Color qPCR SuperMix (Low ROX Premixed)
Introduction: EnTurbo™ SYBR Color qPCR SuperMix is an optimized 2x real-time PCR master mix containing HotStarTaq DNA Polymerase, SYBR Green® fluorescent dye, dNTP and Mg2+, low Rox. In addition, the balanced K+ and NH4+ ion ratios in the buffer promote specific primer annealing. To ensure a highly sensitive and specific PCR reaction, the reaction can be initiated by simply adding the primer and cDNA template to the ready-to-use PCR master mix. Greatly simplify the operation process and reduce the probability of pollution.The unique PCR buffer ensures sensitive qPCR on all Real-Time PCR instruments without optimization. |In addition, the product realizes the visualization of the sample addition process through the discoloration reaction after the template is added, which greatly improves the sample addition efficiency and avoids sample addition errors.
Advantages: 1) Quickly get results, saving up to 50% of the time ||2) Optimized ready-to-use pre mix for rapid PCR reactions ||3) Accurate detection of various starting amounts of templates, stable amplification, quantitative results with high repeatability ||4) Balanced K+ and NH4+ ion ratios,ensure high sensitivity and high specificity ||5) Track the pipetting process and reduce pipetting errors through the color change reaction between dyes.