Mouse tissue direct PCR kit
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Product name: Mouse tissue direct PCR kit
Introduction: This kit is specially designed for mouse transgene identification and genotyping. It can directly and rapidly extract genomic DNA from mouse tissue (such as mouse tail, mouse ear, mouse toe, muscle, etc.) for subsequent PCR amplification and detection. The entire process does not require homogenization, disruption, overnight digestion, phenol-chloroform extraction, DNA precipitation or column purification. And the amount of sample required is small, only 5-10 mg mouse tissue or 1-5mm mouse tail can be identified. |The 2xDirect PCR Mix provided by this kit is a PCR master mix with high amplification compatibility, which can perform efficient and specific amplification without completely removing impurities such as proteins. The master mix contains antibody-modified Hot Star Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, Mg2+ and other components, and only needs to add template and primers. The 2xDirect PCR Mix is pre-mixed with electrophoresis dyes, which can be directly detected by electrophoresis after the reaction is completed. The 3' end of the PCR product has an A, which can be used for TA cloning.
Advantages: 1.Simple and fast: suitable for one-step gene identification from rat tail, rat ear, rat toe and other tissues |2. High specificity: This product uses antibody-modified hot-start Taq enzyme, which has high template affinity and amplification specificity.